Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Healthy Lives Essential to Wellness

Rep. Matsui and CalPERS Board Chair Feckner explain - and advocate - how to fix our health care system, and why we need to.
But as long as we continue to live the lifestyle common in the over-developed countries, this fix won't stick. We need to use less fossil fuel, less sugar and white flour, less paperwork, and do a lot more walking, gardening, and traditional crafts that are the foundation of local self-reliance and sustainability.
Now, half the people do all the paperwork, a quarter of the people run the machines, and a quarter of the people are either homeless or filthy rich. We need a 20-hour workweek so people have time to take care of themselves and their families, and live a healthy balanced life.
Discussions about economic welfare never address the insecurity of a very uncertain future for this economic system, and of not knowing how your town will be able to take care of itself locally. We need to de-develop in order to achieve the greatest economic security for the greatest number.

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